Affiliated Researchers was contracted to provide environmental and technical services to include vibracore sediment sampling at the mouth of the Au Sable River, Iosco County, Michigan.  Affiliated Researchers’ services were needed to obtain samples of sediments that have settled at the mouth of the Au Sable River and to test these samples for the presence of PFAS.

Affiliated Researchers used its shallow-water vibracore vessel, underwater vibracore system, and RTK-GPS survey equipment to collect vibracore sediment core-samples at specified locations at the project site.  Affiliated Researchers’ uses an industry proven vibracore system and 3” diameter polycarbonate core-tubes for collecting vibracore sediment samples.


Affiliated Researchers follows its written, inhouse Standard Operating Procedures for the collection of vibracore sediment samples.  Affiliated Researchers navigated its vibracore vessel to the sample location coordinates provided by hydrogeologists from AECOM, using its onboard RTK-GPS survey equipment.  The location of each vibracore sediment sample was be recorded by Affiliated Researchers using RTK-GPS survey equipment.


Special handling and sampling requirements associated with PFAS-related work was required, and recognized procedures and protocol were followed.


Affiliated Researchers also assisted AECOM hydrogeologists with the initial processing of the sediment samples by opening the length of the core-tube, measuring and documented sediment layers, extracting sediments from core-tubes and placing sub-samples into laboratory approved jars.


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