Affiliated Researchers, under contract of Consumers Energy Company (Consumers), has completed its periodic water quality monitoring program at the Au Sable River, Manistee River, and Muskegon River hydroelectric projects in Michigan.


The water quality data collected was needed to monitor the chemical and physical characteristics of the project impoundments, tailwaters, and riverine reaches.  This water quality monitoring was a routine requirement issued by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC).

Sampling was performed by Affiliated Researchers’ Environmental Scientist at 30 specific locations, during 6 periodic sampling events in 2019.  Over 180 water samples were collected for laboratory analysis during each of the 6 sampling events.  In addition, a total of 72 water quality profiles were conducted at 11 impoundments to collect water temperature and dissolved oxygen data.



The water quality sampling was conducted in accordance with recognized industry methods and standards, using calibrated instruments and QAQC protocols.

Affiliated Researchers has many years of experience with water quality monitoring and FERC regulatory compliance.  We have successfully performed numerous water quality monitoring projects throughout the Great Lakes Region, under various contracts with Federal, State, and municipal agencies.  Affiliated Researchers’ experienced Scientists utilize the industry’s best instruments and GPS equipment, and well-maintained boats to perform water quality monitoring projects.