Under contract awarded by The Nature Conservancy, AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS conducted bathymetric surveying, acoustic Doppler current profiling (ADCP), sub-bottom profiling, and vibracore sediment sampling in Muddy Creek Bay, Sandusky, Ohio. These services were necessary to provide an accurate characterization of the project area for restoration of wetland habitats.

The bathymetric survey was performed in accordance with the USACE hydrographic survey manual standards; utilizing highly accurate dual-frequency single-beam echo-sounder system, and RTK-GPS survey equipment. AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS developed the data into bathymetric contours and XYZ data files. The bathymetric survey data were then compiled with the topographic survey data to provide a complete, seamless deliverable.

AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS also utilized this survey equipment to conduct sub-bottom profiling at the Bay.

An understanding of existing hydrology conditions throughout the project area was also necessary for the development of a viable successful restoration plan. In order to develop a database of the hydrologic conditions at the Bay, AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS utilized industry-leading ADCP system coupled to its RTK-GPS survey equipment.

While navigating its survey vessel along selected survey transects, AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS collected ADCP data over a 4-day time period; providing near-complete coverage of the Bay under various hydrology conditions.

To collect profiles of the sediments within the Bay, AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS collected core samples utilized its Rossfelder P3 underwater vibracore system. Pre-determined sample locations were navigated to using onboard RTK-GPS survey equipment. The core-tube containing the sediment sample were capped, labeled, and given to project Geologist for analysis.

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