As part of the US Great Lakes Legacy Act restoration initiative, AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS was sub-contracted to conduct side-scan, multi-beam, and single-beam sonar surveys at the Chicago River, a US EPA Area of Concern in Chicago, Illinois. These services were critical aspects in supporting the cleanup and restoration of this river.
Chicago River caris
AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS utilized its Klein 5000 Hydrochart and Applanix Pos MV to conduct highly accurate multi-beam and high-resolution side-scan surveying at the Area of Concern.

RTK-GPS survey equipment and methods were used by AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS to establish local National Geodetic Survey quality survey benchmark controls. These locally established benchmarks were used by AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS for the project RTK-GPS base station and for QAQC survey control.

AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS compiled the data with Caris and Sonarwiz hydrographic software to provided centimeter accurate surveys.The data were further compiled using Fledermaus hydrographic software, the industry’s most advanced 3D fly-through viewing and data processing software, in order to provide the project engineers with an interactive data analysis tool.
US EPA Area of Concern
All data were compiled by AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS into the client-specified coordinate system and electronic formats, and presented in a technical report.

Since 1990, AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS has become a recognized leader in providing high quality environmental and technical services for municipalities, State agencies, public utilities, environmental-engineering firms, Fortune 500 companies, and the Federal agencies to include the DOD, DHS, NOAA, USACE, USCG, USEPA, and USFS.