As part of ongoing groundwater investigations at a former military installation, Affiliated Researchers conducted a
sub-bottom profiling (SBP) survey of the stratigraphy beneath an adjacent inland lake.  Affiliate Researchers successfully utilized a high-resolution sub-bottom profiler to survey the clay, sand, and gravel substrates beneath the lake for purposes of mapping the potential conveyance of contaminated groundwater.

For this project, Affiliated Researchers utilized the highest quality sub-bottom profiler system, capable of 5-15 kHz variable chirp frequencies and 3” resolution.  This system was able to penetrate to a depth of more than 25’ into the clay, gravel, sand substrates, and provide detailed image-data of the lake bed stratigraphy. These data were compiled to develop digital terrain models of the stratigraphy and to map potential channels of groundwater conveyance.

Affiliated Researchers experience with shallow-water SBP spans a decade of real-world applications with several different types of SBP systems, on numerous projects, under various site conditions throughout the United States.

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