As part of the US Great Lakes Legacy Act restoration initiative, AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS was sub-contracted to conduct vibracore sediment sampling at the Clinton River, a USEPA Area of Concern in Southeastern Michigan. These services were a critical aspect to support the cleanup and restoration of this river. The sediment collection was used for chemical analysis and characterization of this Area of Concern.

underwater vibracore systemAFFILIATED RESEARCHERS utilized its shallow-water pontoon vibracore vessel to collect 65 sediment core-samples at the project site. The pontoon vibracore vessel has a 15 foot vertical tripod frame capable of hoisting vibracore cores-tubes up to 12 foot lengths, and can navigate water as shallow as 2 foot.

AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS utilized the industry proven Rossfelder VT-1 underwater vibracore system for collecting sediment samples. The vibracore vessel was operated by two AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS trained crew members, and had adequate space onboard for two client staff members.

RTK-GPS survey equipmentAFFILIATED RESEARCHERS established survey control points at the project area (at<0.05’ accuracies) using recognized National Geodetic Survey OPUS methods to provide project QAQC. To assure real-time RTK-GPS accuracy and reliability, a base station was established to transmit highly-accurate RTK-GPS corrections to the RTK-GPS onboard the vibracore vessel. AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS navigated to the designated sampling locations using RTK-GPS survey equipment and accurately determined the sample location, the elevation of the river bed, and the depth of the accumulated sediments prior to each sampling.

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