The companies of L-3 KLEIN and iXBlue are well recognized as industry leaders throughout the world in providing advanced hydrographic and geophysical equipment and software. Because of AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS innovative achievements in the industry, we have been selected by these two companies to provide sales representation for their sonars, inertial navigation systems, gyrocompass motion sensors, sub-bottom profilers, geophysical software, and waterside-maritime security systems.

l3 klein39788-8107441L-3 KLEIN founded in 1968, L-3 KLEIN is the world’s leading supplier of side scan sonar equipment and waterside security and surveillance systems. L-3 KLEIN enjoys a worldwide reputation of excellence founded on high-quality products and customer service. L-3 KLEIN side scan sonar systems are respected as the standard of excellence in the industry and are deployed by governments, navies, port authorities, surveyors, oil companies and universities worldwide. L-3 KLEIN is a pioneer in sonar manufacturer employing multi-beam side scan sonar technology with near photo like images of the sea bottom. The L-3 KLEIN multi-beam side scan sonar systems deliver constant high resolution along track, with 100% bottom coverage, at tow speeds that are two to three times higher than other systems.

iXBlue is a leading global provider of innovative solutions and services for navigation, positioning, and imaging. Civil and defense customers rely on our systemsixblue scan Recognized throughout the industry for its pioneering work on the development of ultimate performance fiber-optic gyroscopes, signal processing, and inertial-acoustic sensor data fusion, iXBlue is a leading global provider of innovative solutions for navigation, positioning, and imaging. iXBlue products provide high accuracy, unrivaled performance, and unsurpassed reliability in challenging applications, including offshore construction and dredging, geophysics and hydrography surveys, ocean science, maritime vessels, defense, and aerospace.

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