Affiliated Researchers was retained to provide its environmental mapping, reporting, and technical services to help resolve environmental concerns resulting from non-permitted activities occurring in regulated wetland and floodplain environments.

In order to bring the non-permitted activities into regulatory compliance, Affiliated Researchers :

  • conducted several site investigations,
  • mapped the impacted wetland and floodplain environments,
  • estimated the volume of fill material occurring at the site,
  • collected soil samples for analysis of contamination,
  • met with the regulatory agencies,
  • and developed an environmental restoration plan to be included with an after-the-fact permit application.

Affiliated Researchers utilized RTK-GPS survey equipment and methods to conduct accurate mapping of the environmental concerns, and to enable an accurate survey of topographic elevations within the floodplains.

Environmental concerns regarding the onsite fill material prompted Affiliated Researchers to conduct soil samples in accordance with USEPA protocols.  Soil samples were analyzed by a certified laboratory which concluded non-detection of contaminants, allowing the excavation of the subject fill material.

The environmental restoration plan required Affiliated Researchers to conduct topographic surveying of the river-floodplain, along pre-determined transects to determine the base floodplain elevation.  Water-level elevations in the river were also required, and data loggers were used to record the staging of river flows.  These data were delivered to the project engineer to develop a US Army Corps of Engineers HEC-RAS hydraulic model.

Affiliated Researchers services have been vital in providing important data needed to develop an accurate understanding of the environmental conditions, impacts, and the environmental concerns.

Since 1990, Affiliated Researchers has providing its high-quality environmental and technical services throughout the US.  Please contact our office to discuss your project.