As part of the US Great Lakes Legacy Act restoration initiative, AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS was sub-contracted to conduct single-beam sonar bathymetric and RTK-GPS topographic surveys at the Maumee River Area of Concern, near Toledo, Ohio. These services were critical aspects in support of engineering designs to facilitate the USEPA’s restoration of this area.

Local survey control points were established by AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS at the project site (at 0.05’ accuracy) using RTK-GPS survey equipment and recognized NGS methods. To assure real-time survey accuracy and reliability, highly-accurate RTK-GPS corrections were transmitted from the base station to the RTK-GPS survey equipment onboard the survey vessel and the topographic survey crew.

AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS conducted single-beam bathymetry surveying at the project area utilizing a dual-frequency single-beam echo-sounder system, RTK-GPS survey equipment, and hydrographic software in accordance with the USACE hydrographic survey manual.

AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS conducted topographic surveying and collected infrastructure features at the project area utilizing RTK-GPS survey equipment and conventional RTK methods. All data were compiled by AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS into the client-specified coordinate system and electronic formats, and
presented in a technical report.
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