Affiliated Researchers conducted a bathymetric survey of the cooling-water canal and forebay at a nuclear power station.  The bathymetric surveying was needed to provide precision data and an accurate determination of the volume of sediments that had accumulation in the canal and forebay of the facility.

Affiliated Researchers utilized its shallow-water survey boat, RTK-GPS survey equipment, hydrographic survey equipment, Knudsen Chirp 3212 dual-frequency single-beam echo sounder system, and hydrographic software to conduct its services.  Affiliated Researchers performed the bathymetric survey in accordance with US Army Corps of Engineers hydrographic standards and QAQC protocols.

Using RTK-GPS survey equipment and recognized National Geodetic Survey methods, Affiliated Researchers establish local survey controls at the project site within better-than 0.05’ accuracies.  These locally established survey controls were utilized by Affiliated Researchers at the project for a RTK-GPS base station and for QAQC accuracy checks of the survey equipment.  To assure real-time survey accuracy and reliability, RTK corrections were transmitted from the base station to the RTK-GPS survey equipment onboard the survey vessel.

The bathymetric survey was conducted along cross-channel survey transect lines that were developed by Affiliated Researchers.  During the survey, the survey transect lines were virtually displayed on an onboard Toughbook hydrographic computer for navigation purposes.  The onboard computer also continuously collected and recorded the bathymetric data, RTK-GPS data, and water level elevations.

Affiliated Researchers processed and compiled the bathymetric data, and provided the deliverables, to include a bathymetric contour drawings in DXF and PDF formats, bathymetric data in an XYZ point data file format, and a Summary Report of the methods and findings.

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