As part of ongoing investigations of contaminated groundwater at a former 

military installation (project area), Affiliated Researchers provided mapping of groundwater upwelling at an adjacent inland lake and river for purposes of determining sub-surface conveyance of groundwater in the area. Affiliated Researchers utilized advanced technologies to enable the integration of water temperature measurements with GPS positions, and to thereby collect continuous in situ temperature-position datasets within the lake and river environments.  This procedure provided for the accurate measurement, delineation, documentation, and mapping of groundwater upwelling adjacent the project area.

Utilizing its shallow-water survey vessel, Affiliated Researchers Technicians navigated parallel transects lines along the nearshore of the lake and river environments, while collecting large sets of water temperature and GPS position data.  Data sets were collected at a rate of 1 per second.

While navigating the transects, a water temperature sonde was deployed from Affiliated Researchers’ survey vessel to depths close to the lake and river beds in order to collect temperature data corresponding with the groundwater seeps.  Approximately 20,000 temperature-position data were collected during the mapping of lake and river environments.  An accurate mapping of the seeps were developed by Affiliated Researchers utilizing HYPACK and AutoCAD software.

The large amount of data obtained from this mapping has significantly aided in the understanding of the groundwater conveyance from the project area to adjacent environments.

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