As part of the Great Lakes Legacy Act, AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS was contracted to provide sediment sampling and environmental surveying services at the Milwaukee River Area of Concern for the USEPA Great Lake National Program Office.

The sediment sampling and environmental surveying services were performed by AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS as a means of defining the horizontal and vertical geospatial extent of soil contamination. The services included sediment coring, environmental surveying, sediment thickness measurements, and the installation of water level gauges. AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS provided its trained personnel, boats, equipment, and materials to perform services necessary to accomplish the project tasking and achieve the project objectives.

AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS provided a RTK-GPS “base station” system and two RTK-GPS “rover” systems (with two trained operators for same) to locate and stake in the field the locations for the sediment-core drilling. The RTK-GPS systems achieved horizontal and vertical accuracies < 0.05’.

AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS utilized 3” diameter, rigid polycarbonate core-tubes, and other supporting equipment to conduct sediment sampling on the river and floodplain areas at the project site. Sediment cores were collected using manual coring methods, in accordance with procedures described in the USEPA Field Sampling Plan and Quality Assurance Project Plan.

Since 1990, AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS has become a recognized leader in providing high quality environmental and technical services for municipalities, public utilities, environmental-engineering firms, Fortune 500 companies, energy companies, and the State and Federal agencies to include the DOD, DHS, NOAA, USACE, USCG, USEPA, and USFS.

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