As part of the Great Lakes Legacy Act, Affiliated Researchers was contracted to provide hydrographic surveying services at the Milwaukee River Area of Concern for the USEPA Great Lake National Program Office.  Affiliated Researchers provided its trained personnel, boats, equipment, and materials to perform services necessary to help achieve the project objectives of environmental restoration and remedial dredging.  Multi-beam bathymetric and side-scan sonar surveys were performed to provide an accurate baseline of existing river bed conditions, and to identify river bed structures, and shoreline wharf structures.

Affiliated Researchers conducted the multi-beam bathymetric survey and the side-scan sonar surveys in accordance with recognized protocols, utilizing an EdgeTech 6205 multi-beam side-scan system, coupled to an Applanix motion sensor system.  Affiliated Researchers has successfully conducted multi-beam bathymetric surveys and side-scan sonar surveys on numerous Federal projects including for the USEPA, NOAA Fisheries, and the USACE.

Affiliated Researchers has also successfully conducted hydrographic surveys on numerous non-Federal projects including projects for municipalities, the oil and gas industry, engineering firms, and dredging


Since 1990, Affiliated Researchers has provided quality environmental and technical services for municipalities, public utilities, environmental-engineering firms, Fortune 500 companies, energy companies, and State and Federal agencies to include the DOD, NOAA, USACE