During August 2015, AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS mobilized to Southern Indiana to conduct bathymetric and topographic surveys at 5 retention ponds located adjacent the Ohio River. The surveys were conducted under contract with a major public power company, in order to calculate the amount of remaining storage capacity in the ponds for placement of coal fly-ash.


As part of its services, AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS also compiled historical topographic and engineering data to utilize in calculating the volume of coal fly-ash which had placed in the ponds to date.

AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS utilized advanced RTK-GPS survey equipment and hydrographic software, and its experienced staff to perform bathymetric survey and data processing, and provided depth contours and volumetric calculation of the project site.

newsblog_150826_Southern_IN_SurveyingAFFILIATED RESEARCHERS followed the US Army Corps of Engineers hydrographic survey manual, and utilized a highly-accurate Chirp dual-frequency single-beam sonar system, Trimble RTK-GPS sub-centimeter survey equipment, HYPACK hydrographic software, and AutoCAD design software.

Due to the shallow water and difficult boat access conditions at the ponds, AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS utilized its 14′ Lund survey vessel for the single-beam bathymetric survey. The bathymetric survey was conducted along survey transect lines designed to create high-quality bathymetric coverage.

The onboard computer was used for navigation and to record the bathymetric data. Shoreline waters-edge location and elevation data were required to complete the bathymetric survey of the ponds, and were collected by AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS using its centimeter accurate RTK-GPS.


AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS compiled the single-beam data and developed accurate bathymetric contours and storage capacity volume estimates. In order to calculate the amount of fly-ash that had been deposited in the ponds to date, AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS used the HYPACK and AutoCAD software to compare the current bathymetric survey to a pre-existing topographic survey of the ponds.

Deliverables included bathymetric survey drawings in AutoCAD format, in 1′ contours, NAD83 US State Plane, and NAVD88 elevations.

AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS has become an recognized leader in providing high quality environmental and technical services for municipalities, State agencies, public utilities, environmental-engineering firms, Fortune 500 companies, and the Federal agencies to include the DOD, DHS, NOAA, USACE, USCG, USEPA, and USFS.