AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS conducts hydrographic and geophysical surveying on the Erie Canal, New York.

AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS conducted hydrographic and geophysical surveying as part of a restoration project at a USEPA environmental Area of Concern, on the Seneca-Cayuga Canal (Erie Canal), New York. AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS‘ surveying services were a critical aspect for the engineering dredging design and environmental restoration of these Section 10 Waters.

erie canal new  yorkAFFILIATED RESEARCHERS utilized its Klein 5000 Hydrochart and Applanix PosMV to conduct IHO Order Special quality multi-beam and side-scan hydrographic surveying at the Area of Concern. Caris and POSPac hydrophobic software were used to process the multi-beam and side-scan data and provide centimeter accurate surveys.

Backscatter snippet data were also collected with the Klein 5000 Hydrochart and post-processed by AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS utilizing SonarWiz hydrographic software to provide substrate characterization of the canal.

AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS utilized its Knudsen 3212 and Trimble RTK-GPS to conduct IHO Order Special quality sub-bottom profiling at the Area of Concern. HYPACK hydrographic software was used to collect and process the single-beam, sub-bottom data and provide a centimeter accurate survey.

eric canal projectRTK-GPS equipment and NGS OPUS methods were used by AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS to establish NGS quality survey benchmark controls at the project site. AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS also used its RTK-GPS equipment to collect centimeter accurate water elevation and shoreline terrain data which were needed to determine-confirm river staging, to enable accurate correlation of collected hydrographic data, and to support project engineering requirements.

All data were compiled and presented by AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS in a technical report. AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS also compiled the data using Fledermaus, the industry’s advanced 3-D “fly-through” viewing and data processing software, to provide the project engineers with an interactive data analysis tool.