For many years Affiliated Researchers has successfully performed vibracore sediment sampling projects throughout the Great Lakes Region, and beyond.  Recently, Affiliated Researchers was contracted to retrieve sediment samples at water depths greater than 250 foot in the Straits of Mackinaw.  For this project Affiliated Researchers developed, and now provides deep water vibracore capabilities.

Vibracore sediment samples were needed to determine the thickness and characteristics of the sediments at the proposed in support of an underwater utility construction project.  These data were to be used in the construction design, and for control measures aimed at reducing the migration of suspended sediments.

To accomplish this task, Affiliated Researchers worked with contractors and subcontractors to provide the vessels, equipment, personnel, materials, and services necessary to perform the deep water vibracore sediment sampling.   Affiliated Researchers’ crew deployed and retrieved its vibracore equipment from a large barge subcontracted for the project.

For its part in the project, Affiliated Researchers utilized an industry proven Rossfelder P-5 underwater vibracore system to collect the vibracore sediment samples.  The Rossfelder P-5 vibracore system uses 230 VAC at 14 Amps and operates at a power rating of 7200 pounds of force.

Deep water vibracore sediment sampling required that Affiliated Researchers utilize an industry-proven, Rossfelder “buoyancy frame system” as part of its vibracore system.  The frame system ensured the vibracore system descended and configured on the lakebed in a stable and vertical orientation.