AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS was contracted to provide environmental and technical services to include single-beam bathymetric surveying, sub-bottom profiling, water temperature mapping, and vibracore sediment sampling in Lake Michigan and nearby tributaries. AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS’ services were needed to help map and measure contaminants in the groundwater and sediments.

To provide single-beam bathymetric surveying AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS utilized a dual-frequency single-beam echo-sounder system, RTK-GPS survey equipment, and HYPACK hydrographic software. This echo-sounder was also utilized, along with special software, and RTK-GPS survey equipment to collect sub-bottom profiling data.

AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS utilized advanced technologies to enable the integration of water temperatures with GPS positions, and collect continuous in situ temperature-position datasets to help determine sample locations.

Affiliated Researchers used its shallow-water vibracore vessel, underwater vibracore system, and RTK-GPS survey equipment to collect vibracore sediment core-samples at specified locations at the project site.

Specializing in environmental mapping, reporting, and technology since 1990, AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS has providing its high-quality environmental and technical services throughout the US. Please contact our office to discuss your project.