AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS conducts hydrographic and geophysical surveying at USEPA Superfund Site, Rico, Colorado.

AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS conducted bathymetric surveying and sub-bottom profiling as part of a mine tailings pond restoration project at Rico, Colorado. AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS‘ surveying services were a critical aspect towards the engineering, dredging, and environmental restoration of this USEPA Superfund site.

news_20140103_Rico_CO_2AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS utilized its Knudsen 3212 and Trimble RTK-GPS to conduct IHO Order Special quality bathymetric surveying and sub-bottom profiling at 11 mining ponds at the Superfund site.

HYPACK hydrographic software was used to collect and process the single-beam and sub-bottom data, and provide accurate bathymetric contour surveys of the various sediment layers.

AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS utilized hydrographic software to accurately calculate the volumes of each of the various layers of accumulated sediments, at each of the ponds.

RTK-GPS equipment and NGS OPUS methods were used by AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS to establish NGS quality survey benchmark controls at the project site.

AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS also used its RTK-GPS equipment to collect centimeter accurate water elevation and shoreline terrain data which were needed for the project.

All data were accurately compiled presented by AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS in AutoCAD, XYZ, Excel, and PDF formats.

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