AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS conducts Hydrographic, Geophysical, and Magnetic Surveys on the St. James River, Virginia.

newsblog_150402_St_James_Virginia_1AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS provided hydrographic surveying and geophysical surveying services, on the St. James River, at the US Army Garrison Fort Lee Farrar Island Munitions Response Site, Fort Lee, Virginia for the US ARMY CORPS OF ENGINEERS.

As part of this project, AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS utilized its high-resolution shallow water Klein 5000 multi-beam sonar, Knudsen 3212 dual-frequency single-beam sonar, Trimble RTK-GNSS surveying equipment, and other equipment to conduct remedial investigations at this site. The Klein 5000 sonar system is considered “Best in Class” bathymetry accuracy and repeatability (IHO SP-44, special order surveys) enabling the simultaneous collection of high-resolution, co-registered geo-referenced bathymetry and side-scan data.

AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS centimeter-accurate multi-beam survey exceeded project engineering specifications. All multi-beam calibrations and QAQC were accomplished in accordance with USACE protocols. Accurate water elevations were collected at the beginning, during, and at the end of each survey using a RTK-GPS in order to develop a tide file. A digital SV was used to collect several sound velocity profiles. Single-beam sonar bathymetry was collected to provide an additional level of QAQC for the multi-beam sonar bathymetry. The multi-beam data were processed by AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS using specialized hydrographic software.

newsblog_150402_St_James_Virginia_3As part of the project requirements, AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS also utilized its Klein 5000 shallow water sonar system to simultaneously collect centimeter-accurate, geo-coded side-scan imagery data. The side-scan imagery was processed by AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS using specialized hydrographic software. Using its high-resolution multi-beam and side-scan sonar equipment, AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS was able to locate underwater artifacts of exploded munitions, as well as historical shipwrecks and other structures at the project site.

As part of the project engineering requirements, AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS conducted digital magnetic surveys (DGM) utilizing a marine magnetometer to detect potential underwater military munitions at the project area. AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS utilized its professionally trained staff, its survey vessels, a Geometrics G-882 marine magnetometer, a Trimble RTK-GNSS, and specialized hydrographic software to conduct approximately 18 linear miles the DGM surveys.

AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS established several local survey control points using its RTK-GNSS survey equipment and recognized NGS OPUS methods, to provide highly accurate survey control and QAQC for the project. During the surveys, AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS conducted GPS equipment QAQC checks twice daily, at two of the established survey control points. To assure RTK-GPS accuracy and reliability, AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS established a RTK-GPS “base station” at one of the local survey control points, to continuously transmit highly accurate RTK-GPS corrections to the onboard systems during the surveys.

AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS also collected centimeter-accurate shoreline topographic data utilizing RTK-GPS survey equipment. AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS used advanced 3-D processing software to seamlessly merge the multi-beam bathymetry with topographic and USGS raster products.

AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS compiled and provided 2-D and 3-D project deliverables in ASCII, CAD, GeoTiff, and Fledermaus Scene formats. Survey deliverables were developed by AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS in the client designated coordinate systems, along with a complete technical report.

Since 1990, AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS has provided professional services to a wide array of clientele including government agencies, municipalities, utility districts, environmental-engineering firms, and Fortune 500 corporations. AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS has over 25 years of environmental experience, to include hydrographic and geophysical services for the DOD, DHS, NOAA, USACE, USCG, and USEPA.

AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS utilizes its industry proven equipment, and trained personnel to provide high-quality environmental research, mapping, and reporting of lakes, harbors, rivers, canals, estuaries, and marine environments throughout the US.