AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS conducts Multi-beam and Side-scan Hydrographic Surveying in Lake Michigan nearshore Whiting, Indiana

As part of a municipal shoreline development project, AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS conducted multi-beam and side-scan hydrographic surveys in Lake Michigan, nearshore the Whiting, Indiana.


These services were a critical aspect to support the engineering requirements for the repair and replacement of shoreline breakwater structures.

AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS utilized its Klein 5000 Hydrochart sonar equipment, Applanix 320 motion sensor, and Trimble RTK-GNSS survey equipment to collect multi-beam and side-scan data in the nearshore waters of Lake Michigan.

The Klein 5000 Hydrochart sonar system enables multi-beam and side-scan sonar data to be collected simultaneously, and is considered “Best in Class” for accuracy and repeatability ( IHO SP-44, special order surveys). The Klein 5000 Hydrochart uses an opposing pair of 455 kHz transducers to produce 2100 sonar coverage; collecting multi-beam and side-scan data at a rate of 66,000 points per second; at an accuracy of approximately 0.16′.


AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS also utilized a Knudsen 3212 echo sounder and Trimble RTK-GNSS survey equipment to conduct a single-beam hydrographic survey within the nearshore area, to support the engineering requirements.

The hydrographic surveys were conducted in accordance with recognized protocols and technical guidance provided in the US Army Corp of Engineers Engineering and Design Hydrographic Surveying manual and the NOS Hydrographic Surveys Specifications and Deliverables.

To further support the engineering requirements of the project, AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS sub-contracted SPICER GROUP (Saginaw, MI) to conduct Mobile LiDAR surveying of the existing shoreline conditions at the site. SPICER GROUP utilized the industry’s best, Leica Pegasus mobile LiDAR system to collect data at a rate of 1 million LiDAR data points per second, at better than 0.05′ accuracies.


The hydrographic and LiDAR surveys were conducted at sub-centimeter accuracies and controlled with local survey benchmarks established by SPICER GROUP, using recognized NGS OPUS methods.

AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS will be merging the hydrographic survey and the LiDAR survey data to deliver a seamless survey of the project site.

Since 1990, AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS has become an industry leader in providing high quality environmental and technical services for municipalities, State agencies, public utilities, environmental-engineering firms, Fortune 500 companies, and the  Federal agencies to include the DOD, DHS, NOAA, USACE, USCG, USEPA, and USFS.


AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS maintains Commercial Liability, Professional Liability, and Maritime insurance (to include Jones Act, and USL&H), and Excess Umbrella coverage. All of our vessels are safe, commercially insured, and meet USCG requirements. Our staff members have current certifications for First Aid, CPR, boat operation, and HAZWOPER.

SPICER GROUP has more than seven decades of experience in providing high quality engineering, design, planning, construction management, and surveying services.