For many years Affiliated Researchers has successfully performed multi-beam bathymetry projects throughout the Great Lakes Region, and beyond.  In support of an underground transmission line replacement project, Affiliated Researchers was contracted to conduct multi-beam bathymetric surveys in the shallower reaches at the Straits of Mackinaw, Michigan.

Affiliated Researchers utilized a Klein 3500 Hydrochart shallow-water multi-beam system deployed from its 19’ shallow-water survey vessel.  Affiliated Researchers performed the multi-beam bathymetric surveys in accordance with the USACE hydrographic survey manual protocols.   The Klein system also simultaneously collected co-registered side-scan survey data simultaneously during the multi-beam bathymetric surveys, which were included with the project deliverables.

The Klein contains an opposing pair of interferometric transducers, operating at a high-frequency of 455 kHz.  These transducers collect multi-beam bathymetric data at a sample rate of  >66,000 points/ second.  The published vertical accuracy of Klein multi-beam system is 0.16’ however, Affiliated Researchers’ extensive QAQC analysis of the Klein system has shown the vertical accuracies to average approximately 0.05’.  Klein systems exceed first-order accuracy criteria established by the USACE and the IHO.

Affiliated Researchers has utilized Klein shallow-water multi-beam systems on numerous Federal projects including for the USEPA, NOAA Fisheries, and the USACE.  Affiliated Researchers has also utilized Klein shallow-water multi-beam systems on numerous projects for municipalities, the oil and gas industry, engineering firms, and for dredging operations.