Affiliated Researchers provide bathymetric and topographical surveying in support of NAVFAC CLEAN 9000 Contract

Affiliated Researchers was subcontracted to provide its bathymetric and topographic surveying services at an inland lake in support of a Comprehensive Long‐term Environmental Action Navy (CLEAN) 9000 contract for the Naval Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFAC).

Our surveying services were needed in order to refine the conceptual site model, towards future investigations and action planning.

Affiliated Researchers provided bathymetric surveying using both single-beam hydrographic techniques and conventional RTK-GPS techniques, in order to obtain survey data of the baseline conditions of the lake.

To provide bathymetric surveying of the project area, Affiliated Researchers’ hydrographic surveying team utilized a dual-frequency single-beam echo-sounder system, RTK-GPS survey equipment, and hydrographic software.

In areas of shallow water, as well as areas of excessive debris and vegetation where echo-sounder technology was not usable, Affiliated Researchers conducted the bathymetric surveying using conventional RTK-GPS techniques.

Affiliated Researchers also conducted topographic surveying along the shoreline of the project site utilizing conventional RTK-GPS techniques to confirm topography along the shoreline to enable a seamless joining of the bathymetry with the topography.

Affiliated Researchers compiled the bathymetric survey data with the topographic survey data to provide for a complete, seamless deliverable.

Specializing in environmental mapping, reporting, and technology since 1990, Affiliated Researchers has providing its high-quality environmental and technical services throughout the US.  Please contact our office to discuss your project.

AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS conducts Bathymetric Surveying, ADCP, Sub-bottom Profiling and Vibracore Sediment Sampling

Under contract awarded by The Nature Conservancy, AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS conducted bathymetric surveying, acoustic Doppler current profiling (ADCP), sub-bottom profiling, and vibracore sediment sampling in Muddy Creek Bay, Sandusky, Ohio. These services were necessary...

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Affiliated Researchers conducts Vibracore Sediment Sampling, Bathymetric Surveying and Sub-bottom Profiling at Black River

Affiliated Researchers collected sediment samples using vibracore methods, and conducted bathymetric surveying and sub-bottom profiling at Black River in Lorain County, Ohio.  The environments at Black River are being restored with funding from the USEPA, USFWS, NOAA,...

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Affiliated Researchers adds a new location in Hawaii and welcomes two new employees

To provide the best service for our clients, Affiliated Researchers has added a new location in Oahu, Hawaii to better meet the hydrographic and geophysical surveying needs existing throughout the Hawaiian Islands. Affiliated Researchers’ staff are carefully selected...

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Affiliated Researchers conducts Side-scan, Multi-beam, and Single-beam Sonar Surveys at a US EPA Area of Concern Chicago River, Illinois.

As part of the US Great Lakes Legacy Act restoration initiative, AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS was sub-contracted to conduct side-scan, multi-beam, and single-beam sonar surveys at the Chicago River, a US EPA Area of Concern in Chicago, Illinois. These services were critical...

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Multi-beam bathymetry, side-scan, sub-bottom profiling, and substrate characterization, Kalamazoo River, Michigan

AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS conducted multi-beam bathymetric surveying, side-scan surveying, sub-bottom profiling, and substrate characterization as part of a restoration project on the Kalamazoo River, Michigan. AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS conducted multi-beam bathymetric...

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