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Multi-beam bathymetry, side-scan, sub-bottom profiling, and substrate characterization, Kalamazoo River, Michigan

AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS conducted multi-beam bathymetric surveying, side-scan surveying, sub-bottom profiling, and substrate characterization as part of a restoration project on the Kalamazoo River, Michigan. AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS conducted multi-beam bathymetric...

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New Alumaweld Skiff Purchased

AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS purchased a 16' Alumaweld Work Skiff jet powered boat. To provide safe navigation and assured access through swift and shallow river environments, AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS has added to its inventory an Alumaweld 16 foot, jet powered, aluminum work...

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AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS conducts Bathymetric Surveying, ADCP, Sub-bottom Profiling and Vibracore Sediment Sampling

Under contract awarded by The Nature Conservancy, AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS conducted bathymetric surveying, acoustic Doppler current profiling (ADCP), sub-bottom profiling, and vibracore sediment sampling in Muddy Creek Bay, Sandusky, Ohio. These services were necessary...