AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS conducts water reservoir storage capacity surveying and calculations, Yolo County, California.

During October 2012, AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS conducted bathymetric and topographic surveys of a 160 acre reservoir in Yolo County, California to determine its maximum water storage capacity.

reservoir storage capacity surveying and calculationsIn addition to these services, AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS also conducted surveys to quantify the volume of sediments which had accumulated in the reservoir since its construction in the 1980s.

Following recognized and established hydrographic protocol and procedures, AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS utilized hydrographic software and an onboard computer to record bathymetric data collected from the survey-grade sonar along with co-referenced geospatial data collected from the onboard GPS.

yolo countyThe onboard hydrographic computer enabled pre-planned survey lines to be accurately navigated. Bathymetric data and geospatial positions were continuously collected and recorded along the survey lines.

Shoreline waters-edge position and elevation data were required to complete the bathymetric survey of the reservoir, and were collected by AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS using its centimeter accurate RTK-GPS. Hydrographic software was used to compile the water elevation data with the collected bathymetric data, and thereby accurately format the bathymetry into NAVD88 datum elevations.

A topographic survey was also conducted by AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS along the maximum waterline elevation contour of the reservoir, in order to enable the calculation of the reservoir’s total storage capacity. Survey software and an RTK-GPS were used by AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS to accurately locate and collect survey positions along the maximum waterline elevation contour.