Benthic Invertebrate Sampling & Identification

Specializing in environmental research, mapping, and reporting, AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS provides accurate mapping of benthic habitats, and the collection and taxonomic identification of benthic invertebrate to include freshwater mussels. AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS aquatic biologists have provided these services for various Federal and State agencies, Tribal communities, and private land owners.

Benthic invertebrates are commonly used as indicators in the evaluation of environmental impacts to aquatic environments, and provide sound data regarding point and non-point pollution sources. Scientific analysis of benthic invertebrates has been effectively used as a recognized method of monitoring localized environmental pollution and toxic effects.

AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS aquatic entomologist and aquatic ecologists are trained, experienced, and qualified in the scientific protocols of benthic invertebrate collection, taxonomic identification, cataloging, and preservation.

In order to accurately map and collect benthic habitat data, AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS scientists have utilized underwater photo-grammetry, underwater laser metrics, Surber samplers, Ponar dredges, Trimble GPS equipment, hydrographic software, and our various research vessels.


Environmental Research, Mapping, and Technology