Water and Sediment Sampling

Specializing in environmental research, mapping, and reporting, AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS utilizes its specialized vessels, industry proven equipment, and trained personnel to provide water and sediment sample collection in lakes, harbors, rivers, canals, estuaries, and marine environments.

AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS collects water samples utilizing VanDorn type samplers, and sediment samples utilizing vibracore and ponar equipment and methods.

AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS utilizes its vibracore vessel and the industry recognized Rossfelder P-3 vibracore system to collect vibracore samples in 3” or 4” diameter polycarbonate core-tubes. Because of the specialized vibracore sampling technology, the sediment samples are collected without being compressed during the process so as to consistently maintain the sediment profile. AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS is capable of vibracoring up to 12’ core-tube lengths in water depths as shallow as 2 foot.

In waters inaccessible for its vibracore vessel, AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS utilizes manual, hand-pounded methods to collect sediment core-samples with 3” diameter polycarbonate core-tubes. For collecting sediment samples from the substrate surface, AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS utilizes an industry standard Ponar dredge system and methods.

AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS utilizes AutoCAD software to assist in planning the sampling locations, and utilizes GPS equipment to enable precision navigation to those locations. Centimeter accurate RTK-GPS survey equipment is utilized to record the exact positioning and elevations of each sampling locations.

Data from the sampling is developed into Excel tables and accurate geo-referenced maps provided in GeoTIFF, PDF, CAD, or GIS formats.

AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS provides its services nationwide. Please call us to discuss your project requirements.


Environmental Research, Mapping, and Technology