Substrate Characterization & Mapping

AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS utilizes advanced hydrographic instruments and software to provide substrate characterization (“sea-bed classification) of lakes, harbors, rivers, canals, estuaries, and marine environments.   Substrate characterization and mapping is an effective method to provide project engineers, scientists, and managers with a detailed mapping of substrate conditions and character.

AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS uses advanced software to post-processes side-scan or multi-beam data, and develop a color-coded mosaic map delineating various substrate types occurring within a given environment.

The post-processing software extracts snippet and backscatter information associated with the side-scan or multi-beam data, and uses digital algorithms to correlate similar data signatures throughout the surveyed area.   The software assigns color-coding to similar data signatures, to deliver an accurate delineation of the various substrate types.

AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS substrate characterization services are valuable in enabling accurate assessments and quantification of specific critical habitat types, and can effective for baseline assessments to monitor the condition of critical environments. Substrate characterization is applicable in coastal zone management, invasive species studies, dredging and port construction, and more.

Interactive 3-D fly-through virtual images of the substrate characterization map are developed by AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS to enable our clients to access, interact, and visualize the deliverables.  Our developed products are readily exported into GeoTIFF, JPEG, PDF, CAD, or GIS formats to enable convenient data sharing.


Environmental Research, Mapping, and Technology