Multi-beam Sonar Surveying

Specializing in environmental research, mapping, and reporting, AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS utilizes advanced hydrographic instruments and software to provide multi-beam sonar surveying of lakes, harbors, rivers, canals, estuaries, and marine environments.

Multi-beam sonar is the preferred method when detailed resolution of the seafloor, lakebed, river channel, or harbor is required. The exceptionally high detail and resolution provided by the multi-beam surveying services of AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS, often exceeds task criteria prescribed in engineering, environmental, and scientific projects.

In addition to providing precise, detailed, and complete bathymetric mosaics, multi-beam surveying has been successfully used to locate wrecks, debris, obstructions, artifacts, and substrate types.

During the survey, the multi-beam sonar collects millions of precise, geo-referenced hydrographic measurements and backscatter snippets which produce an ultra-high resolution survey of complex underwater features with great accuracy and detail. The multi-beam sonar scans the substrate with a continuous array (swath) of multiple sonar beams transmitted many time per second, and enables complete survey coverage of the project area.

AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS uses the most advanced hydrographic and mapping softwares produced by the industry’s leaders. Accurate geo-referenced, interactive 3-D fly-through images of the bathymetry and underwater features are developed by AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS Hydrographers using Fledermaus software. A freeware viewing version of Fledermaus is available to our clients to access, interact, and visualize the deliverables. Our developed hydrographic products are readily exported into GeoTIFF, JPEG, PDF, CAD, or GIS formats to enable convenient data sharing.

AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS multi-beam sonar surveys are conducted in accordance with established methods and protocols to include those set forth by the US Army Corps, NOAA, and USEPA. Our multi-beam sonar survey deliverables include geo-referenced backgrounds such as of orthographic aerial photographs, engineering plans, land surveys, and other databases to show information relevant to the project.

AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS provides multi-beam sonar services nationwide and throughout the US territories.


Environmental Research, Mapping, and Technology