Single-Beam Sonar Survey

Specializing in precision environmental surveying, AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS utilizes advanced hydrographic instruments and software to provide single-beam bathymetric surveying of lakes, harbors, rivers, canals, estuaries, and marine environments.

AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS single-beam sonar surveys are conducted in accordance with established methods and protocols to include those set forth by the US Army Corps, NOAA, and USEPA; at precisions better than recognized accuracy criteria (USACE and IHO Special Order).

AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS trained staff utilizes HYPACK hydrographic software and an onboard computer to interface the survey-grade RTK-GPS with the survey-grade echo sounder. Accurate water depth measurements are collected and correlated to respective centimeter accurate, RTK-GPS positions. These depth-position data sets are continuously recorded while navigating the survey vessel along established GPS courselines.

HYPACK software is used to develop the data sets into accurate water depth “bathymetric” contours. Deliverables include geo-referenced backgrounds such as of orthographic aerial photographs, engineering plans, land surveys, and other databases to show information relevant to the project.

Our developed hydrographic products are readily exported into GeoTIFF, JPEG, PDF, CAD, or GIS formats to enable convenient data sharing, and in client selected coordinate systems and elevation datum.

AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS provides its high quality services nationwide and throughout the US Territories.


Environmental Research, Mapping, and Technology