Reservoir Capacity Surveying and Calculation

Specializing in environmental surveying, AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS utilizes advanced topographic and hydrographic instruments and software to survey and accurately calculate the maximum storage capacity of reservoirs.

AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS hydrographic surveying methods follow recognized hydrographic protocol and procedures. AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS utilizes survey-grade, dual-frequency single-beam sonar systems having vertical accuracy better than 0.03’ and the accuracies standards established by the USACE and IHO.

An onboard hydrographic computer is used to couple the survey-grade hydrographic sonar with a survey-grade real time kinematic (RTK) GPS. Specialized hydrographic software is used to accurately navigate the survey lines, and to continuously collect and record bathymetric data and GPS positions.

Water elevation data are also collected at the beginning and end of each survey day, using the RTK-GPS. Hydrographic software is used to compile the water elevation data with the bathymetric data, and to accurately format the bathymetry into elevations. Shoreline water’s edge position data are required to complete the bathymetric survey, and are obtained by AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS with a RTK-GPS.

Calculating the total storage capacity of a reservoir also requires a topographic survey of the reservoir’s maximum waterline elevation contour. AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS surveys positions along the maximum waterline elevation contour in the reservoir basin using a RTK-GPS.  Existing topographic surveys can also be used to augment this process. AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS can utilize mobile 3-D LiDAR scanning technology onboard a survey vessel in circumstances where the maximum waterline elevation contour is not otherwise obtainable, or when more precise topographic data is justified.

Using specialized software, AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS combines the topographic data with the bathymetry data to develop a complete contour survey of the maximum storage reservoir basin, and to calculate the maximum storage capacity of a reservoir.

In many circumstances significant quantities of sediment have accumulated in the reservoir over the years since its construction. AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS can calculate the amount of sedimentation that has occurred in the reservoir since its development.  If necessary, AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS can utilize its sub-bottom profiling services to accurately measure sediment thickness and volume.

Our delivered products can be provided in all recognized electronic formats to include CAD, XYZ, GeoTIFF, JPEG, and PDF. Additionally, an accurate geo-referenced, interactive 3-D fly-through survey of the bathymetry and topographic features can be developed by AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS.

AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS provides its high-quality technical services nationwide.


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