As part of a team-building activity and a training exercise, Affiliated Researchers crew navigated to, snorkeled and conducted side-scan surveying on an unidentified shipwreck in the Great Lakes.

Affiliated Researchers crew utilized its Klein 3500 Hydrochart system to collect side-scan data of the shipwreck. Klein systems incorporate Chirp technology and are considered “Best in Class” with specifications better-than that set forth by NOAA and the IHO. The Klein system collects more than 60,000 side-scan data points per second; and providing excellent ½ inch image resolution at a swath range of up to ¼ mile.

In addition to side-scan data obtained, the Klein 3500 system also collects co-registered multi-beam data simultaneously during the survey to produce a multi-beam survey. Multi-beam surveys are the preferred method of bathymetric surveying when complete coverage and high-resolution are required.

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