AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS conducts Side-scan and Multi-beam Sonar Surveys at USEPA Area of Concern Upper Trenton Channel, Michigan.

multibeam 2AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS conducted side-scan and multi-beam sonar surveys for the USEPA as part of a restoration project on the Upper Trenton Channel, at Southeastern Michigan. These services are a critical aspect towards the engineering and environmental restoration of this USEPA Area of Concern.

AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS utilized its shallow water survey vessel, Klein 5000 Hydrochart sonar equipment, Applanix Wavemaster motion sensor, and Trimble RTK-GNSS survey equipment to collect precise, survey grade data over approximately 3 miles of the East side of the Upper Trenton Channel.

As a necessary aspect of most of its projects, AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS established two semi-permanent, local benchmarks (at < 0.05′ horizontal and vertical accuracies) using recognized NGS OPUS methods. The local benchmarks were used during the project to provide an accurate location for a RTK-GPS base station, and to provide QAQC checks for the GPS survey equipment. The benchmarks will be available for use on future survey requirements at the project site.

The Klein 5000 Hydrochart sonar system is considered “Best in Class” bathymetry accuracy and repeatability (IHO SP-44, special order surveys). The Klein 5000 Hydrochart contains an opposing pair of swath multi-beam 455 kHz transducers which produce 210 degree sonar coverage; at a beam sample rate of 6600 points/swath at a swath rate of 10 swaths/second. The across-track resolution of the Klein 5000 Hydrochart is < 0.16′.

The multi-beam bathymetric survey was conducted in accordance with recognized protocols and technical guidance provided in the US Army Corp of Engineers Engineering and Design Hydrographic Surveying manual. A summary report containing methods, drawings, maps, and tabular data was compiled and presented by AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS.

AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS‘ highly trained personnel utilize the industry’s best technology to assure the highest quality deliverables. Since 1990, AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS has provided environmental and technical services to a wide array of clientele including government agencies, municipalities, utility districts, and environmental-engineering firms.