Affiliated Researchers’ trained staff provided support to project Scientists in conducting pore-water sampling in the nearshore environments of Lake Michigan.

Pore-water sampling equipment and methods were needed to collect in situ water samples from the nearshore groundwater to be analyzed for possible contaminates.

Pore-water sampling in Lake Michigan presented significant challenges due to quickly changing weather and wave conditions, and due to the highly-compacted sand substrates.

Affiliated Researchers utilized its 20’ pontoon vessel, RTK-GPS survey equipment, and its Rossfelder P3 vibracore system to install measured lengths of pipe into the compacted sands of Lake Michigan’s lakebed at several locations to collect groundwater samples.

Affiliated Researchers navigated its vessel to the pore-water sampling locations using onboard RTK-GPS survey equipment.  A Rossfelder P-3 underwater vibracore system (having a power rating of 5500lbs of force) was used to drive the pore-water sampling lengths of pipe to the desired depth into lakebed.   After the pore-water samples were collected, the piping was removed.

Affiliated Researchers utilized its RTK-GPS survey equipment and trained Technicians to collect accurate positions and elevations (≤ 0.05’) of the lake bed at each sample location.

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