AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS conducts Vibracore Sediment Sampling at USEPA Area of Concern Menominee River, Michigan-Wisconsin.

AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS conducted vibracore sediment sampling for the USEPA as part of a restoration project on the Menominee River, at the Michigan-Wisconsin border. These services were a critical aspect towards the engineering and environmental restoration of this USEPA Area of Concern.

DSCN1220AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS utilized its shallow water  vibracore vessel, Rossfelder vibracore equipment, and Trimble RTK-GNSS survey equipment at the site to collect sediment cores from various depths, at accurately positioned locations. A petite ponar grab sampler was also used by AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS to obtain additional sediment volumes at the sediment surface interval. The sediment samples were processed, cataloged, and delivered to an accredited laboratory for analysis.

As a necessary aspect of most of its projects, AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS established a semi-permanent, local benchmark (at 0.02′ horizontal and 0.07′ vertical accuracies) using recognized NGS OPUS methods to provide QAQC for the GPS survey equipment used during the project, and for use for future survey requirements at the project site.

Sample locations were navigated to using the Trimble RTK-GNSS. The exact GPS location of each vibracore sample was recorded by AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS using the onboard Trimble RTK-GNSS. Prior to each vibracore sampling, in order to estimate the thickness of the accumulated sediment at the sample location, AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS conducted accurate sediment thickness measurements utilizing manual sediment probing methods with its Trimble RTK-GNSS survey equipment.

AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS also utilized its survey vessels to conduct a visual reconnaissance and GPS survey of significant site features along the shoreline of the project area. A summary report containing methods, drawings, maps, and tabular data was compiled and presented by AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS.

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