Affiliated Researchers collected sediment samples using vibracore equipment and methods at a USEPA Superfund site in Southeast Michigan to help determine concentration levels of residual contaminants.  Affiliated Researchers also conducted bathymetric surveying and sub-bottom profiling at this site which were a necessary part of an environmental restoration program at this site.

Affiliated Researchers utilized its 20’ pontoon vibracore vessel, RTK-GPS survey equipment, and a Rossfelder P3 vibracore system to collect 8’ long sediment cores from the river bed.   Affiliated Researchers utilized its RTK-GPS survey equipment and sounding-pole methods to collect bathymetric and sub-bottom data in the shallow-water environments, and provide an accurate survey of the river bed and sediment thickness.

Affiliated Researchers utilized its RTK-GPS survey equipment and OPUS methods to establish several, USGS verified benchmarks at the project location.  Affiliated Researchers setup a RTK-GPS “base station” at one of the benchmarks to transmit accurate, real-time GPS corrections to its RTK-GPS survey equipment onboard the vibracore vessel. An accurate measurement (0.1’) of the river bed elevation was recorded at each sampling location to allow the vertical extent of contamination to be determined.

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