Rollin C. Reineck, Jr., Principal Scientist

Mr. Reineck has a Bachelor’s degree in Biology with an emphasis in Ecology. He began his career in aquatic biology and environmental consulting in 1976. Rollin is currently the Director and Principal Scientist of AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS managing its environmental research, mapping, and technical services.

Mr. Reineck has been the Program Manager on more than 500 environmental-ecological projects involving the research, mapping, and reporting of marine, freshwater, riparian, wetland, and forested environments, as well as fisheries and endangered species.

Mr. Reineck has served as an expert witness and environmental consultant for legal counsel on more than 100 legal cases involving disputes of State and Federal environmental, natural resource, and farm statutes.

Mr. Reineck has provided environmental policy consultation to a UN Ambassador, a US Congressman, State Senators, State Representatives, USEPA Scientist, and NOAA Scientists.

Mr. Reineck’s Professional Strengths 

  • Data compiling and analysis
  • Dispute resolution
  • Environmental investigations
  • Environmental mapping and surveying
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Environmental restoration
  • Environmental sampling
  • Expert testimony
  • Forum communication
  • Innovative solutions
  • Program management
  • Project management
  • Technical reporting

Mr. Reineck’s specialties include:

  • Fisheries, wetlands, riparian, aquatic, protected environments, and endangered species
  • ESA, Section 404 CWA, NEPA, RCRA, CERCLA, Food Security Act,
  • Michigan PA 451 (as amended)
  • Hydrographic-geophysical surveying
  • Vibracore sediment sampling
  • GPS-GIS technology and protocols
  • Land features and topographic mapping
  • Aerial photography analysis
  • Remote sensing technology and protocols

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