Affiliated Researchers Multi Beam Sonar Surveying Services

Multi-beam Sonar Bathymetry

AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS utilizes advanced hydrographic instruments and software to provide multi-beam sonar bathymetry of lakes, harbors, rivers, canals, estuaries, and marine environments.

Multi-beam sonar bathymetry is the preferred method when detailed bathymetric resolution of the seafloor, lakebed, river channel, or harbor is required. In addition to providing complete bathymetric coverage, multi-beam sonars have been successful for locating wrecks, debris, obstructions, artifacts, and substrate types.

AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS multi-beam sonar mapping is conducted in accordance with established methods and protocols to include those set forth by the US Army Corps of Engineers. Our Team of Scientists use the most advanced hydrographic and mapping software to collect and process accurate geo-referenced 3-D images of the bathymetry and underwater features.

Our deliverables can be provided in various formats to enable convenient data sharing. Our multi-beam sonar deliverables can include geo-referenced backgrounds such as orthographic aerial photographs, engineering plans, land surveys, lidar topography, and other databases to show information relevant to the project.

AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS provides multi-beam sonar services nationwide and throughout the US territories.