Fisheries Management Support

Whether a stream, lake, or marine environment, AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS offers professional environmental consulting services in fishery management.

AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS utilizes recognized methods such as trawls and seines, as well as advanced methods such as hydroacoustics technology to allow accurate measurements of a fishery populations.

Inventories of fishery habitat parameters, such as spawning and rearing habitats, provide vital information to a successful fishery management program. The accurate mapping of habitat parameters, especially those habitats that are considered “critical” to the success of a species, is very useful in fishery management projects.

Specializing in environmental mapping, AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS utilizes advanced technologies to provide detailed mapping of bathymetry, water temperatures, and other fishery habitat parameters in stream, lake, and estuarine environments.

AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS utilizes advanced survey-grade GPS integrated to various aquatic sensors, and remote sensing technology to provide accurate and detailed aquatic habitat mapping and assessments.

Utilizing GPS integrated sonar and advanced digital technologies, AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS is able to produce and provide precise definition and mapping of aquatic and marine substrates. Substrate definition and mapping can enable resource managers and scientists to accurately assess and quantify critical aquatic habitats and the ability to monitor substrate changes, trends, and dynamics.


Environmental Research, Mapping, and Technology