Wetland Determinations

Specializing in precise environmental mapping, AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS certified wetland scientists follow recognized USCOE guidelines and utilize advanced GPS equipment to provide accurate and verifiable wetland determinations.

AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS has conducted over 250 wetland delineations and determinations, totaling over 12,000 acres throughout California, Florida, Indiana, Michigan, Montana, and Ohio

AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS evaluates project impacts and feasible alternatives with respect to State and Federal wetland statutes, and provides project planning and permitting services for projects that have wetland impacts.

AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS provides planning and permitting services with respect to projects that have wetland impacts. By understanding the environmental permitting process, environmental laws and the regulatory agency policies.

AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS evaluates project impacts and feasible alternatives using GIS and CAD softwares to deliver a project plan that minimizes wetland impacts while still meeting project objectives and achieving a successful project.

As a means of compensating for permitted wetland impacts, AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS provides planning, permitting, as well as wetland mitigation development.

AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS has provided wetland mitigation consultation to numerous clients including federal agencies, municipalities, utilities, corporations, attorneys, and private land owners.

AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS has provided its wetlands services on properties ranging from 1/4 acre to 2300 acres; utilizing industry standard GIS and CAD software technology to allow convenient data sharing with project engineers.


Environmental Research, Mapping, and Technology