Sub-Bottom Profiling

Specializing in environmental mapping, reporting, and technology, AFFILIATED RESEARCHERSutilizes advanced geophysical instruments and software to provide sub-bottom profiling of lakes, harbors, rivers, canals, estuaries, and marine environments. Sub-bottom profiling is the preferred method to accurately measure the depth and thickness of substrates and accumulated sediments.

Sub-bottom profiling is useful for:

  • pre-dredge surveys of accumulated sediments;
  • geological surveys of glacial till and substrates;
  • development of a groundwater transport model;
  • locating buried wrecks, debris, and obstructions;
  • locating buried pipelines or cables; and,
  • archeological surveys for buried artifacts.

While navigating survey transects AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS’ Technicians collect accurate GPS-referenced data of water depth, sediment depth (sub-bottom), and substrates using a sub-bottom profiling echo sounder.  The data are continuously recorded onto an onboard computer.  Depending upon conditions, AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS can select from several of its sub-bottom profilers in order to provide the best solution for resolution and penetration

Geophysical software is used to compile the data into accurate CAD drawings measuring the various substrates and sediment layers.  These CAD drawings can be used to decipher groundwater conveyance, and to calculate volumes of accumulated sediments.  Accurate 3-D graphics are readily developed to allow user-controlled analysis.  The relative thickness of substrates and sediments is also obtained.

AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS develops the sub-bottom profiling deliverables into GeoTIFF, JPEG, PDF, CAD, or GIS formats to enable convenient data sharing.  Various geo-referenced backgrounds can also be shown with the data to enable better interaction and visualization.

AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS provides its services nationwide.  Please contact our office to discuss your project.



Environmental Research, Mapping, and Technology