Vibracore Sediment Sampling

Specializing in environmental research, mapping, and reporting, Affiliated Researchers utilizes its specalized vessel, industry-proven equipment, and trained personnel to provide vibracore sediment sample collection in lakes, harbors, rivers, canals, estuaries, and marine environments.

Affiliated Researchers’ vibracore vessel is a 20’ long pontoon boat with collapsible 15’ vertical tri-frame hoist, capable of collecting vibracore sediment samples in most shallow-water environments.

Affiliated Researchers utilizes an industry-proven Rossfelder P-3 underwater vibracore system which can be fitted to either 3” or 4” diameter polycarbonate core tubes.

Affiliated Researchers’ sediment sampling system is capable of vibracoring core-tube samples up to 20’ in length, in water depths ranging from 1.5 foot to 100 foot (and deeper).  The powerful Rossfelder P-3 vibracore produces excellent penetration into the sediments, and is capable of obtaining complete core samples in almost every sediment type to include heavy clays and gravels.

Affiliated Researchers’ onboard computer and onboard RTK-GPS survey equipment enables a virtual display of pre-selected sampling locations, and allows alternative sampling locations to be accurately recorded for inclusion into the project database.   An accurate measurement (0.1’) of the sediment surface elevation is recorded at each sampling in order to survey the vertical extent of sediment layers and/or contamination.

Affiliated Researchers has collected over a thousand vibracore sediment samples with its vibracore vessel and equipment, at more than 25 separate sites in 6 different States.

Affiliated Researchers provides its high quality environmental and technical services nationwide.  Please contact our office to discuss your project.


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