Affiliated Researchers Acoustic Doppler Current Profiling Service

Acoustic Doppler Current Profiling

AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS ’ Scientists utilize industry proven instruments and software to conduct Acoustic Doppler Current Profiling (ADCP) in rivers, harbors, canals, estuaries, and marine environments.

While navigating its vessel along designated transects, AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS collects thousands of flow velocity-direction measurements with its ADCP to develop a database of in situ hydrologic conditions.

AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS uses its onboard RTK-GPS survey equipment to accurately assign a geo-spatial position to each of the thousands of ADCP measurements. The vertical position of each of the measurements is accurately determined by the ADCP.

ADCP data are compiled and analyzed to establish maximums, minimums, and variation, and are correlated with weather events, seasons, point sources, biological productivity, plumes, and other environmental factors. The ADCP data are compiled as histograms, velocity contours, and more.

ADCP data enables a compelling understanding of how varying flows effect the movement of sediments, suspended solids, erosion, deposition, habitat and other environmental conditions.

AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS provides these services nationwide and throughout the US territories.