Sediment Transport Monitoring

Specializing in environmental research, mapping, and technology, AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS experienced staff utilizes proven methods and equipment to monitor the movement of sediments within marine, estuarine, and aquatic environments. The accurate monitoring of sediment deposition, erosion, and transport is often a critical aspect for effective management of environmental resources.

AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS utilizes an array of services sediment transport monitoring to include…

• bathymetric surveys
• benthic grab sampling
• RTK-GPS survey equipment
• sediment traps
• side-scan sonar surveys
• substrate characterization
• suspended sediment sampling
• topographic surveys

AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS performs repeated bathymetry surveys at the project site, utilizing highly accurate single-beam or multi-beam hydrographic instruments, software, and methods.

As a cost-effective method for measuring sediment deposition, AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS has developed its own custom-fabricated sediment traps. Our sediment traps have been successfully used over extended periods, on various environmental projects, and in various environmental conditions to provide the reliable monitoring of sediment movement.

The accuracy of position and elevation data is usually a critical aspect of monitoring sediment transport. AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS owns and operates several RTK-GPS survey systems that provide reliable real-time accuracies of < 0.05’.

In order to provide a more robust sampling plan, AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS conducts side-scan sonar surveys of project sites to precisely map and visualize the substrates. Additional processing of the side-scan data can characterize the various sediment types with a color-mosaic survey.

AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS owns and operates a small fleet of boats to enable dependable support of sediment transport monitoring in a variety of environmental conditions. The project deliverables are produced by our experienced Scientists and Technicians utilizing industry-leading software. A detailed project report is developed by AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS to describe the methods, data, and findings.

AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS provides its services nationwide. Please call to discuss you project requirements.


Environmental Research, Mapping, and Technology