Affiliated Researchers Michigan Water Quality Mapping Service

Water Quality Mapping

AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS offers proven methods and advanced technologies to provide in situ measurement and mapping of water quality parameters, to include:

· Suspended Sediments
· Nitrates and Ammonia
· Blue-Green Algae
· Rhodamine WT Dye
· Chlorophyll
· Dissolved Oxygen
· Salinity
· pH
· Chloride
· Temperature
· Conductivity
Utilizing an onboard, multi-parameter water quality recorder integrated with a survey-grade RTK-GPS, AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS’ Team of Scientists and Technicians collect thousands of in situ water quality data from its research vessel to document and map concentrations.

This accurate mapping of water quality parameters enables resource managers to visualize and confidently determine the source point and extent of critical environmental condition. The water quality mapping also enables resource managers to monitor trends and dynamics, and to determine the effectiveness of resource management programs.

Our deliverables are provided in various formats to enable convenient data sharing and include geo-referenced backgrounds such as of orthographic aerial photographs, engineering plans, land surveys, lidar topography, and/or other relevant databases.

AFFILIATED RESEARCHERS provides its high-quality services nationwide and throughout the US Territories.